Riff Recorder is a tool which allows you to quickly capture musical ideas to the cloud and easily integrate them into your Digital Audio Workstation. You might also be interested in https://mymixesapp.wordpress.com/, a tool for mixing professionals.

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More about Riff Recorder

Have you ever had a musical idea but no easy way to record your brilliance?  Perhaps you don’t have access to your studio because you are in a different physical location.  Or maybe you’ll forget the acoustic guitar riff you just wrote because it takes time to set up a microphone?  From anywhere, Riff Recorder can instantly record your ideas directly to the cloud, ready to drag and drop when you return to your DAW.

  • Capture musical Ideas quickly using the mic on your phone
  • Seamlessly save your recordings to the cloud for easy integration with your DAW
  • Record with tempo so audio tracks are easily aligned
  • Supports Audioloop for Presonus Studio One time stretch audio

Riff Recorder provides a powerful metronome tool and simple interface to quickly capture ideas.  It supports Audioloop, used by Presonus Studio One, which means the recorded idea will be automatically lined up with any tempo.  You can also save as raw WAV audio if you prefer. 

You can save your ideas to OneDrive and Google Drive, with more options to be added in the future based on user requests.  Each time you save a recording, the name contains the tempo and take number within the project folder name you enter, or randomly create using the dice button.

Previously recorded tracks and other recordings on your device can be used as a backing track.  This enables a low-fi 2 track recording, for instance to quickly demo a vocal overdub in a recorded mix.

Examples where Riff Recorder can be helpful:

  • Recording your band, to use as a frame work for a song, or just for practice
  • Capturing a demo on your grand piano without moving it up and down stairs
  • Recording a lick before/in-between your gig
  • Preserving an idea from the comfort of your coach as you noodle in front of the TV
  • Overdubbing a vocal on an audition track from Kompoz or ProCollabs
  • Remembering spoken ideas, like that remote stapling machine you envisioned

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